Nelson Arrives in Style

Most photos (all the good ones) are by Gosh! customer Mauricio de Souza

Last Friday night corks popped, pens scratched and in a flurry of flashbulbs and amicable conversation, Nelson was finally introduced to its adoring public. While the book has been available for a couple of weeks previously, its concept, content and creative team remain the subject of a great deal of excitement and attention, as best evidenced by Gosh’s showstopping launch party.

The huge crowd posed a considerable threat to Gosh’s structural integrity and alcohol supply as the night wore on and wave after wave of artists and readers descended on the shop to celebrate one of contemporary British comics’ most exciting projects.

Like a modern day graphic novelist’s Last Supper, clockwise around the head of the table sat Rian Hughes, Warren Pleece, Rob Davis, Josceline Fenton, Sarah Mcintyre, Woodrow Phoenix, Laura Howell, Roger Langridge and Jonathan Edwards. If you squint you can just make out the nattily-striped window doodler Will Morris hiding in plain sight in the top-right-hand corner, trying not to make a fuss.

Here, Gosh window contributors Sarah Mcintyre and Woodrow Phoenix hold court. Pictured is Mcintyre’s stylish fascinator, which Gosh’s own Steven Walsh was later seen to besport, provoking unanimous delight.

Camera-shy partygoers and wünderkartoonists Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Gary Northfield captured in the wild by unofficial party photographer Mauricio De Souza. Thanks, Mauricio!

In another De Souza snap, Glyn Dillon is caught in the act of enjoying a witticism.

Josceline Fenton, Will Morris, Paul Peart-Smith


Faz Choudhury, Harvey James, Rob Davis

Jonathan Edwards, Sarah Mcintyre, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

Once the artists were up and about and ready to stretch their legs and enjoy a discreet beverage, they were kind enough to take part in another Gosh charity scheme, creating these four delightful exquisite corpses! These are now on sale through the shop for twenty quid each.

Sadly already been and gone, however, is our glorious Knitted Nel, provided by Deadly Knitshade. At auction, the woollen wonder went to a very generous email bidder, handsomely increasing the amount of money flooding in to Shelter via London’s comics fans.

Also on sale are these beautiful pages of original artwork, currently lining the walls of our humble boutique, and available to purchase and take home today! Come in and take a gander at the genuine articles in person, and why not pick up a copy of our bookplated edition of Nelson while you’re at it?

Ellen Lindner, page 24, £100

Gary Northfield, page 28, £150

Sarah Mcintyre, page 33, £100

Paul Peart-Smith, page 63, £150

Paul Peart-Smith, page 64, £150

Warren Pleece, page 106, SOLD

Dan McDaid, page 163, £100

Will Morris, page 175, £100

Tom Humberstone, page 200, £100

Dan Berry, page 209, £150

Andi Watson, page 219, £100

Dave Taylor, page 224, £150

Watch this space for more thrillsome happenings, only at Gosh!


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