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The Gosh! Authority 03/09/14



This Friday we’re having a party to celebrate the launch of Ricky Rouse Has A Gun by Jorg Tittel and John Aggs. It’s the story of a deserter from the U.S. army who finds himself fighting terrorists in a faux Disney theme-park, aided by the costumed members of staff who join the fray dressed up as thinly veiled versions of your childhood favourites. We’ll be kicking off from 7pm and it should be a lot of fun.

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The Gosh! Authority 27/08/14



Before we get started let’s just get our regular Bank Holiday week PSA out of the way. This week we’ll be getting the new stock delivered on Wednesday rather than Tuesday as we normally do, this means that the new stuff will go on sale on Wednesday but won’t be ready first thing as we have to wait for it to arrive and count it before we can get it out. Keep an eye on our Facebook account and Twitter feed on Wednesday and we’ll let you know when it’s all available.

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Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 2



The first volume of Ed Piskor’s fantastic chronicle of the early days of Hip Hop was a MASSIVE hit, with us selling out as quickly as copies hit the shelves. The second volume picks up where the first book left off and sees the young artform expanding upon it’s origins in the 5 Boroughs of New York, introducing new players while continuing the stories of the pioneers we net in Book 1.

To celebrate the arrival of Volume 2 we asked Ed to put together one of our exclusive bookplates and he sent over this beauty. Limited to 200 copies, each plate is signed by Ed and individually numbered.

The book itself is selling for £19.99 and we can mail a copy out to you if you can’t make it to the shop. Drop us a line at info@goshlondon.com and we can give you a quote on postage and arrange despatch for you.


To Arms Launch Party

The second of our WW1 centenary events is the launch of anthology comic To Arms. Having successfully secured funding through Indiegogo the book will be hitting shelves in early September and we’ll be having a party to celebrate. And for Gosh! one of the most exciting aspects of the project is that it the idea for the book was dreamed up at one of our regular events, Process.

To Arms | WWI Centenary Gosh Comics London Poster

“TO ARMS! resurrects the stories of the fallen, bringing them to life in an evocative contemporary format that will appeal to the comic book fan, the history buff, and everyone in-between.

We are an international collection of artists, writers and comic book enthusiasts, who have banded together to produce work that is both exciting and thought provoking.” Creators involved in the project include Owen Pomery and Gosh’s own Mike Medaglia (past employee and organiser supreme of Gosh!p). To find out more about the project head over to their Facebook page for updates and snippets of the book.

Artist: James Hickman / Writer: Karim Iskander Flint

The launch starts at 7pm on Friday 12th September. A number of the creators will be joining us for the event, signing copies of the anthology and talking all things WWI. If you’d like us to arrange a signed copy for you then, as ever, drop a line to info@goshlondon.com.

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Breakdown Press Launch Party

We’re so excited to announce the Breakdown Press Launch Party celebrating the release of Gardens of Glass by Lando and Mutiny Bay by Antoine Cosse.

Poster for Mutiny Bay and Gardens of Glass | Gosh Comics London

Mutiny Bay is Antoine Cosse’s second book with Breakdown Press and his most substantial work to date. Gardens of Glass, by Lando, is another really stunning piece of work. We’ve always been huge fans of Lando’s meticulously detailed penmanship and the chance to see his work on a much longer scale is really exciting. As well as running his own publishing endevour, Decadence Comics (check it, these guys have the sweetest sweatshirts on the street), Lando has also been previously published by Breakdown Press and everybody’s favourite Swedes, Peow! Studio. Both of the books are being released with a signed Gosh! exclusive bookplate to celebrate the launch, limited to the first 200 copies!

Safari Festival is a brand new comic arts event taking place in Shoreditch – and yes, it will be very trendy. You can come rub shoulders with the exhibitors and toast the arrival of another great date to add to your social calender. The party at Gosh! will be serving as a pre-party of sorts so if you’re planning on visiting Safari then definitely swing by.

The party’ll be the perfect opportunity to meet both Lando and Antoine, get your books signed, pick up not one but two Gosh! exclusive bookplates, and hang out with a bunch of the Safari Festival exhibitors. Anyone need the hard sell? If you’d like a bookplated copy of the book put aside for you then send an email over to info@goshlondon.com and we can make the arrangements. The party kicks off at 7pm on August 29th, there will be beer, there will be wine, so what the heck are you still reading this for? Put your coat on and we’ll see you here!

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The Gosh! Authority 13/08/14

By now you’ll probably have read and loved Seconds, the new book from Bryan Lee O’Malley, so you’re all set for our Seconds party this Thursday night. Bryan himself will be on hand to sign your copy and we’ll have plenty of books available on the night, so don’t panic if you haven’t managed to grab one yet. All the details on the event can be found here.

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